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Dara Greenwald

Dara Greenwald is an American experimental filmmaker, curator and media activist. She is a founding member of the Pink Bloque, a radical feminist street dance troupe. She has also participated in Ladyfest Midwest Chicago and the Bread and Puppet Theater; and was the distribution manager for the Video Data Bank from 1998-2005.

She passed away on January, 9 2012.

Learn more about this filmmaker at her official site.


Tactical Tourist (2007)
What the Market Bares With Sarah Kanouse (2007)
It Does the Body Good (2006)
Quality of Life Project (2006)
What Is Capitalism? (2006)
Evolution Revolution, “The Binding of Fenris” (2005) (edited with Penny Lane)
PSA: Make Your Own Stencil (2005)
Pink Bloque Actions Vol. 1 (2004) (co-edited with Blithe Riley)
Strategic Cyber Defense (2003)
Bouncing in the Corner #36 DDD (1999)
Le Lapin (1998)


Dara Greenwald, R.I.P.

Filmmaker and curator Dara Greenwald passed away on Monday, Jan. 9 after struggling with cancer for several years. She was 40 years old. Greenwald was also an activist committed to preserving documentation of radical actions that reached across the many disciplines in which she worked. According to Chicago’s Video Data Bank, where Greenwald served as […]