Underground Film Journal

Daniel Barrow

Daniel Barrow is a Montreal-based animator who uses lo-fi technology to create his animated short films. His primary production method is to manipulate drawings underneath an old-school overhead projector, which beams the hand-manipulated moving images onto the screen. He both performs his "films" live in front of audiences and produces short films and music videos using this method. He also draws and produces trading card sets.

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Watch Streaming Films By Daniel Barrow:


Catalogue of the Original (2004)
A Miracle (2003)
The Face of Everything (2003)
Untitled (1997) (with Sheridan Shindruk)
The Individual (1996)
Black Heart’s Desire (1995)
Party Killer (1995)
Backwash (1995)
The Sorry Entertainer (1994)
Moonwalk (1993)
Showcase (1992)