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Damon Packard

Damon Packard is a Los Angeles-based underground filmmaker whose work combines original footage shot by himself and footage acquired from classic films, made-for TV movies and random pop culture detritus. His films are mostly comedic in nature and frequently spoof the Hollywood moviemaking industry.

For most of his career, his movies have received proper distribution and rarely screen at festivals. They are typically found online — either bootlegged or uploaded by himself — and he has taken to unusual distribution methods, such as randomly mailing multiple DVD copies to major celebrities, who typically become irritated by his actions. In 2017, several of his films found distribution via legitimate online streaming services.

Watch Streaming Films By Damon Packard:


Foxfur (2012)
Tales of the Valley of the Wind (2009)
SpaceDisco One (2007)
Lost in the Thinking (2005)
Reflections of Evil (2002)
The Untitled Star Wars Mockumentary (2003)
The Early ’70s Horror Trailer (1999)
Apple (1995)
Dawn of an Evil Millennium (1988)
The Afterlife (1984)
Amazing Stories (1983)



Foxfur by Damon Packard is a blustery whirlwind of UFO conspiracies, time travel, pop culture references and other sci-fi concepts stuffed into a thrill-packed motion picture.

Movie Trailer: Foxfur

UFOs, new age mysticism, time travel and obscure ’80s TV shows collide in a whole mess of fun in Foxfur, the latest feature film by Damon Packard.