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2011 Comic-Con Film Festival (Sort Of)

So, per tradition, at the end of my day I headed into the con’s little recognized and commented on film festival. Of course, they weren’t showing films during this time. However, first I caught the tail end of a panel discussion with actual military guys who act as official liasions and advisors to Hollywood films. […]

Official 2011 Comic-Con Photo

Yes, it’s a laughing clown. Also, changed my mind about panels. Trying to get into at least one comic-themed one. Film posting content this year = zero. Unless you count the laughing clown, which has something to do with Charles Band.

First Impressions of 2011 Comic-Con

1. Friday is just as insanely crowded as when I used to come on Saturdays. 2. Been here an hour and have seen about 50 dudes dressed as Doctor Who, which is about 50 more than I’ve seen in previous years. 3. The one mainstream panel I was interested in has an insane line, meaning […]

En Route To 2011 Comic-Con

Today marks the¬†Underground Film Journal’s 3rd annual one-day trip to San Diego’s Comic-Con media convergence. One of these years, I’ll up it to two-days. This year, I’m mostly curious about two things. 1. This is the first time I’m going on a Friday and not on a Saturday. So, I’m wondering if my experience will […]