Underground Film Journal

Clint Enns

Clint Enns is a video artist and filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba, whose work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at festivals, alternative spaces and mircocinemas. He is also the founder of the underground film website Cineflyer.

He has recently completed a master's degree in mathematics at the University of Manitoba, and is continuing his studies in cinema and media at York University.

Watch Streaming Films By Clint Enns:


i’m too sad to tell you (1971/2012)
Invoking Kurt Browning (2012)
(ebbs + flows) (2011)
I For NDN (2011) (with Darryl Nepinak)
sears catalogue 2011/broadcast/a single tear (2011)
Softly Through the Night (2011)
747 (2011)
Connecting With Nature (2011)
Discovering Inner Beauty (2011)
Rotterdam Tower (2011)
Gameboy Empire (2011)
The Women of Dr. Phil (2010)
Spider-Man Vs Macrovision (2010)
Self Improvement (2010)
Looking for Love in a Hall of Mere Ors (and Ands) (2010)
Fan Letter to Steve Reinke (2010)
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (1940/2010)
Never Ending Story (2010)
Gleem (2010)
Rhythmus 25 (2010)
walking from sals to tims (2010)
whiplash (2009)
the value of nothing (2009)
self portrait (2009)
Back + Forth (2009)
Circling the Image (2009)
windshield baby gameboy movie (2009)
detour (2009)
lucifer bearer of light (2009)
putting yourself out there (2009)
there is no G.O.D. without R.G.B. (2008)
a quiet discourse on the nature of ambiguity (2008)
An Exploration into Digital Representation (2008)
Confused Rain (2008)
Prepare to Qualify (2008)
reshaping the way we think about buildings (2008)
The Aesthetics of Failure (2008)
winnipeg stories: sacrificial memories (2008)
triangles of confusion (2007)
Winnipeg Cinematheque (2007)
Botched Eyeball Operation (2007) (with Denys Gareau)
The Death of Natural Language (2007)
vol. 9 no. 120 saturday, march 17, 2007 (2007)
light is the first bodily form (2007)
On Light, or the Ingression of Forms (2007)
TV for Remote Control (2006) (lost)
The Birth of the Golden Boy (2006) (lost)
Undreamed, Unheard (1996) (finished 2010)
Debbie Does Ascii (1982)


2015 Winnipeg Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

The 3rd annual Winnipeg Underground Film Festival is a three-day showcase on of experimental short films from all over the globe, plus a screening of a locally produced feature film. The fest runs on June 5-7 at the Frame Arts Warehouse. The sole feature film of the fest is FM Youth by St├ęphane Oystryk, which captures […]