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Christine Lucy Latimer

Christine Lucy Latimer is an experimental filmmaker currently based in Toronto, Canada. She primarily acquires found footage that she processes through outdated analog technologies, as well as modern technologies, in order to create abstract visual works.

Watch Streaming Films By Christine Lucy Latimer:


Jane’s Birthday (2013)
Lines Postfixal (2013)
Nationtime (2013)
Camera Roll (By Car, by Train) (2011)
The Magik Iffektor (2011)
The Pool (2011)
Fruit Flies (2010)
Format (2010)
Focus (2009)
Just Beyond the Screen: The Universe, As We Know It, Is Ending (2009)
Over {Past:Future} Sight (2008)
Cartridge To Be Destroyed (2004)
Inutilis (2004)
Mosaic (2003)


2015 Winnipeg Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

The 3rd annual Winnipeg Underground Film Festival is a three-day showcase on of experimental short films from all over the globe, plus a screening of a locally produced feature film. The fest runs on June 5-7 at the Frame Arts Warehouse. The sole feature film of the fest is FM Youth by St√©phane Oystryk, which captures […]

2015 Moviate Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

The 17th annual Moviate Underground Film Festival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania celebrates this happy¬†Memorial Day weekend on May 22-25 with great documentaries about artists, loads of filmmakers in attendance, mind-bending short films and one of the greatest horror films every made. It’s quite a mix! The fest takes place at the Civic Club of Harrisburg and […]