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Charles Doran

Charles Doran is an American independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His short films are typically made using Super 8mm film and spoof the stereotypes of people living in the city.

Watch Streaming Films By Charles Doran:


Westsider (2007)
Ennui (2003)


Streaming: Westsider

A self-absorbed architect wants to transform Los Angeles’ west side into paradise on Earth, but ends up being sent to Hell: The Valley!

On DVD: Westsider

Charles Doran’s hilarious ode to Los Angeles geography snobbery, Westsider, is at last available in a spiffy DVD package that includes an extended version and killer bonus material.

Los Angeles As A Character: Screening Review

I attended the Los Angeles as a Character screening event last night. First up, congrats to organizer and curator Charles Doran for a tremendously successful evening. The Echo Park Film Center was packed to literally standing room only capacity.