Underground Film Journal

Caroline Koebel

Caroline Koebel is an American experimental filmmaker who works in a wide range of styles, but prefers to draw inspiration from past films in avant-garde history. For example, she manipulates footage taken news sources and popular films to rework them into new contexts. She has also filmed original footage to document people's relationships to their environment and has made original experimental narrative short films. Plus, she performed in Craig Baldwin's 1999 classic Spectres of the Spectrum.

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All the House (Haditha Massacre) (2008)
Sunroof (Benazir Bhutto Assassination) (2008)
Repeat Photography & the Albedo Effect (2008)
Grand Central/Central Terminal (2007-08)
Sea Lion (2007)
Berlin Warszawa Express (2006)
hole or space (2006)
I Want to Have Your Baby (2003-05)
ReAction (2003)
Inflorescentia (1997)
Puss! The Booted Cat (1995)
Knucklebones (1992)