Underground Film Journal

Carlos Atanes

Carlos Atanes is a Spanish underground filmmaker whose feature films and shorts traffic in surrealist concepts and situations. Much of his work also incorporates elements of science fiction and feature scenarios of a sexual nature.

He is also a playwright and a novelist.

In 2008, the Underground Film Journal named his feature film Proxima one of the best movies of the year; then delivered the same honor to his Maximum Shame in 2010.

To learn more about this filmmaker, please visit his official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Carlos Atanes:


Meat Market – Esa Linna (2013)
Gallino, the Chicken System (2012)
Maximum Shame (2010)
Scream Queen (2009)
Made in Próxima (2008)
Proxima (2007)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (2004)
Perdurabo (2003)
Cyberspace Under Control (2000)
Welcome to Spain (1999)
The Seven Hills of Rome (1999)
Borneo (1997)
Morfing (1996)
Metaminds & Metabodies (1995)
Triptico (1994)
The Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka (1993)
El Tenor mental (1993)
El Parc (1992)
The Marvelous World of the Cucu Bird (1991)
Morir de calor (1991)
Els Peixos argentats a la peixera (1991)
Romanzio in el sècolo ventuno (1990)
Le Descente à l’enfer d’un poète (1990)
La Ira (1989)