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Carey Burtt

Carey Burtt is an American underground filmmaker based in New York City. He has mostly made short films that use humor while examining taboo subject matter. However, he has co-directed one feature-length film, A Forked World.

Although he has made films about extreme subjects since the late 1970s in NYC, his work is not officially associated with the Cinema of Transgression, but has been considered as progressing the movement's legacy.

Burtt is also a musician and has played in bands such as Carey's Problem and Gigi's Disco Rock, and has collaborated on music with the artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel.

Watch samples of his work on YouTube.

Watch Streaming Films By Carey Burtt:


Helping With Travis (2011)
Blood & Fire (2011)
How Not to Be Stupid (A Guide to Critical Thinking) (2010)
The Dissociative Disorder Movie (2010)
Dream of a Ridiculous Man (2010)
Lib-Beed Away (2007)
Through a Gash Darkly (2006)
A Forked World (2004) (with James DiGiovanna)
Mind Control Made Easy Or How to Become a Cult Leader (1999)
The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase (1998)
The Death of Sex (1998)
Hey Mister, You’re in the Girls’ Room (1991)
Hitchhike (1979)