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Brian Lonano


Teaser Trailer: The Transmission

It was a dark and stormy night when an absinthe-addled old man (Don Singalewitch) watched the ghost of his dead wife (Holly Lynn Ellis) materialize out of his TV. Or, is the apparition something much more sinister? The Transmission is the new upcoming horror short film from director Brian Lonano and the Robot Hand crew. […]

New Image Gallery: The Transmission

The Transmission is the latest production from Robot Hand. Directed by Brian Lonano, the film offers a modern twist on gothic horror movies from the ’30s and ’40s. Starring regular Robot Hand performers Don Singalewitch and Holly Lynn Ellis, an elderly man is visited by the ghost of his dead wife, which appears out of […]

IndieGoGo: The Ghastly Transmission!

The Ghastly Transmission! is the new upcoming horror short film produced by the always amazing Robot Hand! crew, which they’re looking to fund via crowdsourcing website IndieGoGo. While they’re looking to raise a relatively small amount, just $3,000, the way the company operates, it’s no doubt they’ll make that look like $3 million on-screen. The […]