Underground Film Journal

Bob Moricz

Bob Moricz is an underground filmmaker based in Sacramento, California who specializes in making lo-fi feature films and shorts typically featuring transgressive behavior, soap operatic drama and/or horror movie tropes. You can purchase many of his films on Ebay.

He has also directed or co-directed music videos, has written about exploitation cinema for publications such as Cashiers du Cinemart, and ran the Portland Underground Film Festival for a few years. He also studied filmmaking with George Kuchar.

Watch Streaming Films By Bob Moricz:


Krimi (2015)
How Do I Know When to Say Goodnight (Eat Skull music video) (2013) (with Ben Popp)
Charlemagne! (2012)
Joey’s Song (Xiu Xiu music video) (2012)
Naked Preacher Lady (2012)
Felony Flats (2011)
I Am Ugly and I Want to Die So Why Don’t You Just Please Fuck Me (2010
Overdose in the Hospital of Love (2010)
Bumps (2009)
It Came And Went And It Was Nothing (2009)
The Terrible Toothache (2007)
The Slaves of Destructo (2007)
The Big Fat Period (2007)
A Night in the Life of Doris Dolores (2007)
Palace of Stains (2007)
Spree! All The Way To Mexico (2006)
Nothing Is Good (2006)
Bog People (Xiu Xiu music video) (2005)
Midnight of My Life (2004)
Love’s Lazer (2002)
Slut Shack (2001)
Empressed (2001)
A Big Ass Lust for Speed (2001)
Hot Black Milk (2001)
Bloody Maw of the Man Wolf (2000)
Medicus Rex (2000)
Rich Little Richard III Versus the Crack Whore Marine Corps (2000)
Kash House Meat Cleavage (2000)
Brainbox (1999)
I Love You Don Lobo, Fuck You Don Lobo (1998)
Shoe (1998)



Bob Moricz’s Krimi is a stripped down Hollywood action thriller about a hit man returning to Portland and becoming embroiled in the city’s seedy underbelly.