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Bill Plympton

Bill Plympton is an American independent animator, who has directed dozens of shorts and feature-length films. He originally began his career as a cartoonist, including penning the syndicated "Plympton" political cartoon strip. He fell into animation professionally when he was hired to animate a music video for song by Jules Pfeiffer. His first major animated short he made on his own, 1987's Your Face earned him an Academy Award nomination, as did his 2004 film Guard Dog.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website and by watching the documentary about his life and career, Adventures in Plymptoons.

Watch Streaming Films By Bill Plympton:


Idiots and Angels (2010)
The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger (2010)
Santa, the Fascist Years (2008)
Hot Dog (2008)
Shuteye Hotel (2007)
Guide Dog (2006)
Guard Dog (2004)
Hair High (2004)
Mutant Aliens (2001)
Surprise Cinema (2000)
Sex and Violence (1999)
I Married a Strange Person! (1997)
How to Make Love to a Woman (1996)
The Tune (1992)
Plymptoons (1991)
How to Kiss (1989)
Your Face (1987)