Underground Film Journal

Bill Mousoulis

Bill Mousoulis is a Greek-Australian independent filmmaker. He is completely self-taught, having first bought Super-8 film equipment in 1982. In the '80s, he was also heavily involved in Melbourne area film clubs, including forming the Super-8 Film Group and the Melbourne Super-8 Film Festival. He also founded the online film journal Senses of Cinema.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website, Innersense.

Watch Streaming Films By Bill Mousoulis:


The Experimenting Angel (2010)
A Nocturne (2007)
Blue Notes (2006)
Spring Rhapsody (2005)
A Sufi Valentine (2004)
Lovesick (2003)
Desire (1999)
My Blessings (1997)
Open City (1993)
Ladykiller (1994)
After School (1988)
Faith (1987)
Back to Nature (1985)