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Barbara Hammer

Barbara Hammer is an American experimental filmmaker based in New York City. While the majority of her films deal with feminism and other women's issues, Hammer is also considered one of the pioneers of queer cinema. Her 1974 Dyketactics was one of the first films to deal with the issue of lesbian identity.

Several of Hammer's later films deal with aging and her own battle with ovarian cancer.

She has also written her autobiography called HAMMER! Making Movies Out of Love and Sex and teaches filmmaking at The European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Barbara Hammer:


Maya Deren’s Sink (2011)
Generations (2010) (with Gina Carducci)
A Horse Is Not a Metaphor (2008) (with Meredith Monk)
Diving Women of Jeju-do (2007)
Lover/Other (2006)
Resisting Paradise (2003)
My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities (2001)
History Lessons (2000)
Devotion, A Film about Ogawa Productions (2000)
The Female Closet (1998)
Blue Film No. 6: Love Is Where You Find It (1998)
Tender Fictions (1995)
Out in South Africa (1994)
Shirley Temple and Me (1993)
Save Sex (1993)
Nitrate Kisses (1992)
Vital Signs (1991)
Dr. Watson’s X-Rays (1991)
Sanctus (1990)
Still Point (1989)
Endangered (1988)
Two Bad Daughters (1988) (with Paula Levine)
T.V. Tart (1988) (Performance & film)
History of the World According to a Lesbian (1988)
Bedtime Stories, I, II, III (1988)
Place Mattes (1987)
No No Nooky T.V. (1987)
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria of Aids (1986)
Optic Nerve (1985)
Hot Flash (1985)
Would You Like to Meet Your Neighbor? A New York Subway Tape (1985) (Installation/Performance tape)
Doll House (1984)
Tourist (1984)
Parisian Blinds (1984)
Pearl Diver (1984)
Bent Time (1983)
Stone Circles (1983)
New York Loft (1983)
See What You Hear What You See (1983) (Installation and projection)
Pond and Waterfall (1982)
Audience (1982)
Sync Touch (1981)
Pools (1981) (with Barbara Klutinis)
Arequipa (1981)
Pictures for Barbara (1981)
The Lesbos Film (1981)
Our Trip (1980)
Machu Piccu (1980)
Bamboo Xerox (1980) (Installation & Film)
Available Space (1979) (Performance & Film)
Dream Age (1979)
Double Strength (1978)
Haircut (1978)
Eggs (1978)
Sappho (1978)
Home (1978)
The Great Goddess (1977)
Multiple Orgasm (1976)
Women I Love (1976)
Stress Scars & Pleasure Wrinkles (1976)
Moon Goddess (1976)
Superdyke Meets Madame X (1976)
Jane Brakhage (1975)
Psychosynthesis (1975)
“X” (1975)
Superdyke (1975)
Dyketactics (1974)
Menses (1974)
Women’s Rites Or Truth Is the Daughter of Time (1974)
Sisters! (1974)
A Gay Day (1973)
I Was/I Am (1973)
Yellow Hammer (1973)
Song of the Klinking Kup (1973)
A Brakhage Song (1972)
Traveling (1970)
Marie and Me (1970)
Elegy (1970)
Barbara Ward Will Never Die (1968)


Experimental Film Coalition: The Monthly Screenings

This is Part Two in a series about Chicago’s Experimental Film Coalition; and covers their screening series. Formed in 1983, the Experimental Film Coalition started holding regular monthly screenings starting in 1984. The screenings brought to Chicago the work of independent, experimental filmmakers across the country, as well as screening local work.