Underground Film Journal

Ann Steuernagel

Ann Steuernagel is an American experimental filmmaker based in Boston, Massachusetts who works almost exclusively with found footage; such as educational films, industrial films and home movies.

Through combining disparate images, repeating actions and overall manipulating the time of her found clips, Steuernagel says these techniques "accentuate the gestures and quotidian rhythms of my subjects distilling the essence of a time, place or idea." Plus, while she typically doesn't edit footage to present clear narratives, her work can serve as commentary on gender roles and systems of communication.

Steuernagel is also currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art + Design at Northeastern University.

Learn more about this filmmaker at the website of her production company, Boy Running Productions.


The Garden (2010)
Charades (2009)
Motions of Bodies (2008)
Outlaw (2008)
Rise (2007)
Sebastian (2007)
Pledge (2006)
Sigh (2005)
Skip (2002)
Boy Running (1998)
Chances Are (1997)