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Andre Perkowski

Andre Perkowski is an American underground filmmaker. He is most well-known for his feature film adaptations of cult novels by Edward D. Wood Jr. and William S. Burroughs. He has also made numerous short films.

Perkowski's work also typically pays homage to the style of B-movie filmmakers, such as Wood and Ray Dennis Steckler. His films consist of either original footage or found footage, and frequently combines both. For many of his films -- primarily shorts, but sometimes a feature -- he lays original and humorous new soundtracks over appropriated imagery.

Watch Streaming Films By Andre Perkowski:


Nova Express (2014)
The Vampire’s Tomb (2012)
A Belly Full of Anger (2012)
Kinderhook: The Rise and Fall of Martin Van Buren (2008)
Squirrel Pie (2007)
I Was a Teenage Beatnik (2005)
Devil Girls (1999)


Streaming: The Vampire’s Tomb

A family gathers at a mansion on the edge of a graveyard for the reading of the will of a deceased aunt, who may have returned from the grave to get revenge against her greedy relatives.

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