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Adele Horne

Adele Horne is a documentary and experimental filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She received her M.F.A. in film and video from the University of California, San Diego and is currently a film professor at the California Institute of the Arts.

Her feature length documentary The Tailenders, about Christian minstries around the world, was broadcast on PBS in 2007.

Watch Streaming Films By Adele Horne:


In Common (2014)
Maintenance (2012)
And Again (2010)
15 Experiments on Peripheral Vision (2008) (with Paul VanDeCarr)
Quiero Ver (2008)
The Image World (2008)
The Tailenders (2006)
Homomorphy (2004)
The Point of True Beginning (1998)


Feature Film Online: Maintenance

Exposed! What people do in the privacy of their very own homes is put on display for all to see in Adele Horne’s very dirty movie, Maintenance. Horne’s subjects do it all: Scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, mopping. No, those aren’t euphemisms. Maintenance exposes the private act of cleaning in an entirely engrossing way.