Underground Film Journal

Abigail Child

Abigail Child is an American experimental filmmaker whose work explores feminist issues, focuses on strategies for rewriting narrative and experiment with audio and visual collage. Her more recent work sheds light into underground and foreign cultures.

She has also created multiple-screen gallery installations, and has written several books of poetry and critical analysis.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.


A Shape of Error (2011)
The Suburban Trilogy (2011)
Hacking Empire (2010)
Riding the Tiger: Letters from Capitalist China (2010)
If I Can Sing a Song about Ligatures (2009)
Surf and Turf (2008-11)
On The Downlow (2007)
Mirror World (2006)
To and No Fro (2005)
Blonde Fur (2004)
The Party (2004)
The Future Is Behind You (2004)
Cake and Steak (2004)
The Milky Way (2003)
Subtalk (2002)
Dark Dark (2001)
Surface Noise (2000)
Below the New (1999)
B/side (1996)
Dinkinsville (1994)
Through the Looking Lass (1993)
Songs (1993)
8 Million (1992)
Swamp (1990)
Mercy (1989)
Both (1988)
Mayhem (1987)
Perils (1986)
Covert Action (1984)
Mutiny (1983)
Prefaces (1981)
Ornamentals (1979)
Pacific Far East Line (1979)
Peripeteia II (1978)
Daylight Test Section (1978)
Peripeteia I (1977)
Some Exterior Presence (1977)
Tar Garden (1975)
Mother Movie (1973)
Game (1972)
Except the People (1970)