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Stag Films Will Finish Your Unfinished Movie

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 29, 2010

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Stag Films, the Los Angeles-based indie film production company, is looking to help struggling filmmakers finally finish their movies — for free.

All filmmakers have big dreams when they start their new projects, but sometimes the chilly reality of financing kills films dead. For filmmakers who have been forced to close down production due to lack of funds can now send any and all footage they may have shot to Stag Films, who will then complete the picture using any means necessary.

According to Mike Davis, Stag President, “We have a collective team of writers, directors, editors, voice over artists and musicians who have the creative power and ingenuity to take an unfinished movie and do what it takes to make it complete.”

A pioneer in the new “green film” movement, Stag Films previously constructed the international hit comedy Sex Galaxy by cobbling together old sci-fi films, educational shorts and classic nudie loops. Then, by producing new dialogue — absolutely hilarious new dialogue, by the way — music and sound effects set to the old footage, they were able to create a new masterpiece that screened all over the world and even made money for the company, which is no easy feat in our current economic climate.

Now, instead of relying solely on classic footage, Stag Films wants to do the same thing with modern filmmakers’ new unfinished movies. They’ve already started on their first project, Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre.

Filmmaker Tim Davis began his film a long time ago, but problems such as serious illness, actress pregnancy and heroin addiction have plagued the production almost right from the start. But, thanks to Stag Films stepping in and taking over the footage that has been shot, Tim says, “This is the kind of gonzo influence I have been looking for to help my movie.”

As one might tell from the two film titles listed above — Sex Galaxy and Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre — Stag Films specialty is making good ol’ fashioned exploitation fare. So, filmmakers interested in taking the company up on their offer should probably consider first if their own film fits handily into the horror, cult comedy or exploitation genres.

As for financing, Stag Films will take on the challenge of spinning cinematic gold out of your raw film hay for no money upfront. However, they will eventually take a healthy chunk of the money on the back end once the film is finally complete and unleashed out into the world.

With this new initiative, Stag Films is happy to be considered the “ambulance chasers” of the low budget film world. All that they ask is: “Give us your poor, your overexposed, muddled mass of film stock yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse from your DV-Cam, so that it may find its golden audience.”

If you’re a filmmaker with an incomplete movie and want to take Stag Films up on their offer, please contact them through their official website.

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