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Short Film: Squirrel Pie

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 8, 2008

So, what goes better with a squirrel’s “sweetmeats”? Lime or grape gelatin?

The above is a brief film shot by Andre Perkowski and starring Molly Harvey, who used to sing with the avant-garde rock group the Residents when she joined and was part of the group during the ’90s. She’s not with them anymore, though.

The above is a cute, creepy short film, shot on Super-8 and recorded with an old ’70s microphone — i.e., technology that’s after my own heart. This is my first introduction to Perkowski’s work, who I first became aware of via Tim Lucas’ Video WatchBlog. Very stupidly at the time, I read Tim’s glowing post, but didn’t watch any of the videos he linked to.

But then Perkowski contacted the Underground Film Journal and I’ve been going through his extensive YouTube channel, which has all kinds of madness embedded in it. I loved Squirrel Pie so much, I just had to throw that up stat, but there’s a whole bunch of video weirdness lying in wait for those brave enough to stomach the fear-inducing trailers of Edward D. Wood Jr.’s Devil Girls and The Vampire’s Tomb, two features shot by Perkowski based on the infamous director’s work. There are also all kinds of videos from strange TV shows like The Paranoia Show and Program. There’s a ton of work to sift through, but sit back, pick a few and get your brain picked to pieces.

I hope to have more news and reviews about Perkowski’s work in the future. He’s a guy who’s work I’m excited about getting to know better.

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