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Sponsor Spotlight: Strange Beauty Film Festival

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 20, 2013

Drawing of teeth

The Strange Beauty Film Festival is an utterly unique event held annually in Durham, North Carolina at the Manbites Dog Theater.

The festival is dedicated to showing short films from around the world that have only one qualifying element: That they exhibit a singular quality of “strange beauty.” However you want to interpret what that means and if your short film is applicable, well they are currently accepting submissions at just 10 bucks a pop. To learn how, you can either click their sponsor ad to the right or, well, just click here.

Another Sponsor:

The mighty, mighty Chicago Underground Film Festival is also currently open for entries for their astounding 21st annual edition next year. CUFF screens feature films and shorts, and every year constantly redefines what “underground film” even means, whether that work is experimental, thought-provoking or challengingly entertaining. The fest hasn’t stuck around this long by resting on its laurels. To submit, also click their sponsor ad to the right, or click here.


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