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Sponsor Spotlight: Chicago Underground Film Festival

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 27, 2013

Lite Brite style logo for Chicago Underground Film Festival

With their 21st annual edition set to run in 2014 on April 2-6, the Chicago Underground Film Festival continues its charge as the premiere underground film fest in the world. A fest doesn’t make it into it’s second decade by resting on its laurels. Every year, CUFF challenges, cajoles, hammers, beats and pushes forward the entire concept of underground cinema.

CUFF is currently open for submissions with the early deadline fast approaching on Oct. 1. There’s still plenty of time to ready your film to try to get in, though, as the final deadline is a few months away on Dec. 15. If you’re interested in trying to be a part of this excitement, please visit the CUFF website submission page.

Another Sponsor:

The Strange Beauty Film Festival, held in Durham, North Carolina, is also open for submissions. This fest is dedicated to showing short films that have the qualifying element of exhibiting a singular quality of “strange beauty.” However you want to interpret what that means and if your short film is applicable, please visit their website, too.

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