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Short Sci-Fi Film: Martian Precursor

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 16, 2010

So, tell me: How do you know Martians aren’t beaming messages directly into your brain? Don’t let people call you crazy because you just might be right. Witness one poor homeless schlub’s psychic plight in Brian Lonano‘s latest mini-masterpiece, Martian Precusor, co-directed with his brother Kevin Lonano And by “mini,” I mean it’s a minute long, so you have no reason not to watch this little gem.

A structure on Mars shoots a laser beam at Earth

The film features the traditional retro-sci-fi effects, using miniatures for the Martian ray guns and for the red planet’s surface. Lonano could make anything with his imaginative miniatures and I’d love it. But, I also particularly love the look of the Earth sequences here. It’s like a high-def grimy, which typically that kind of technique makes things look “fake” grimy. However, here the homeless dude and his alleyway look realistically grotesque.

And, it’s short, so it’s like a quick punch to the eye and brain and then it’s out.