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Short Horror Movie: T Is For Toilet Paper

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 8, 2011

These days, horror fans have to ask themselves if there are any more truly creative ways in which to kill movie victims. Haven’t there been enough cinematic dismemberments, decapitations and disembowelings to think we’ve finally seen it all?

Well, British horror filmmaker James Eaves has put a unique spin on a classic old-fashioned death in his hilarious horror short T Is for Toilet Paper to renew our faith that there are new ways to murder under the sun.

This short film was created for the “ABCs of Death: 26th Filmmaker” competition put on by Drafthouse Films. So, if you think this movie is as wickedly creative as we do at the Underground Film Journal, please go vote for it at the Drafthouse website.

Beauty pageant contestant showing off rolls of toilet paper

Eaves previously directed the horror feature film Bane, which was reviewed on┬áthe Underground Film Journal back in 2008. Bane also offered a unique, innovative spin on traditional horror tropes, particularly with a good twisty plot that keeps the audience as disoriented as the film’s victims.

For T Is for Toilet Paper, it’s good to see Eaves keep up his strong writing and filmmaking, but applying that to a completely different style of horror. Bane is an intense and dramatic film, so seeing Eaves successfully express a wacky sense of humor in this new short is refreshing.

Bane is available on Amazon and Netflix.

(Note: The Underground Film Journal only became aware of Eaves’ work thanks to the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival, which screened Bane in 2008 and sent us a screener for review. The 6th annual edition of Spooky Movie is set to run this year on Oct. 13-16. You can view this year’s lineup here.)