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Short Film: Thy Kill Be Done

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 7, 2011

These three nuns have come to kick ass and say the Rosary — and they’ve left their Rosary beads at the rectory! Greg Hanson and Casey Regan‘s nunsploitation bloodbath Thy Kill Be Done packs a ton of thrills, laughs and over-the-top gore into a tight 16-minutes. No wonder it’s been a huge hit on the festival circuit the past year and at last it’s available to watch in full online, sure to garner a multitude of new fans.

The key to the film’s success is Hanson and Regan’s near perfect combination of seriousness and implicit goofiness. The filmmakers don’t condescend to their central conceit, especially by not rushing the plot along. When a young boy dies of a drug overdose in the middle of a midnight mass, the calm monsignor pleads for an understanding with the dealers out in the church parking lot.

Of course, the man of God is brutally murdered on the spot, so the trio of nuns go looking for revenge. This simple set-up gets a huge payoff during a balls-to-the-wall bloodbath of nun-on-hoodlum violence, featuring really terrific gore special effects.

Three nuns wielding weapons

It’s a crowd-pleasing orgy of brutality, but the most shocking thing about the film is the level of serious restraint leading up to the climax. Also great in the film is Jessica Webb as Sister Yvonne, the ringleader of the nuns, who takes her part seriously, even when delivering her character’s ass-whupping one-lines, as all great action movie stars must do.

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