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Short Film: The Magus

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 10, 2012

[vimeo 18862721]

The Magus, directed by Winnipeg filmmaker Jaimz Asmundson and starring his father C. Graham Asmundson, is one of the most original, imaginative and visually innovative short films of the last several years.

In it, the elder Asmundson, an artist in real life, descends into his hidden studio that is located under an impossible amount of levels beneath the city streets. Safely ensconced in his brightly light lair, he becomes a blur of motion striking paint across his immense canvases. Eventually the frenzy created by his artwork opens up doorways to other wondrous dimensions made of color and dark fantasy.

The Magus is a thoroughly modern film that carries on the transgressive tradition of illuminating Satanic ritual on film, such as those found in the films of Kenneth Anger.

Naked artist C. Graham Asmundson conjuring up magick

The¬†Underground Film Journal originally reviewed The Magus way back in January 2011 describing it as “a vision that is extraordinarily startling, beautiful and terrifying to behold.” The film would then go on to become the 2nd runner up as the Underground Film Journal’s 2011 Movie of the Year, beating out numerous feature-length and short movies.

For more info, please visit the Jaimz Asmundson index page on the Underground Film Journal.

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