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Short Film: Poster Boy

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 8, 2011

Only somebody who truly loves smoking could have directed the surreally grotesque short film Poster Boy, which is about the perils of maintaining the habit. In this nearly dialogue-free movie, filmmaker Waylon Bacon charts the course of an unlikely media celebrity, a nicotine addict whose lower jaw falls off from excessive puffing. After spotting his new deformity, anti-smoking zealots pursue him to be, well, their campaign’s new poster boy. Bacon crams a lot of humor, inventive special effects and a zippy soundtrack into this great 8-minute film.

Ian Petrella with his lower jaw missing

I previously posted up Poster Boy a few years ago, but Bacon recently uploaded this sharper version, so I thought I’d spotlight it again since it’s so much dang fun. When Poster Boy’s jaw drops — literally — you want to see that in the best quality, highest res video possible.

Bacon is also going to release Poster Boy and several of his other shorts on a new DVD that will be out in a few months. The disc will also have several bonus features, including a documentary on how the filmmaker does all those wonderful effects on the cheap.

Poster Boy photo gallery: