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Short Film: Boldly Going

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 25, 2011

Who’s the biggest badass in outer space? Shut your mouth: It’s Captain James Tiberius Kirk! Hey, you might want to poke fun at William Shatner’s peculiar, halting line delivery, but when it comes to whupping some green alien butt, he’s the best there ever was. For his short film boldly going, filmmaker LJ Frezza has mashed together some of Kirk’s greatest slugfests, but has also distorted those scenes so that the flying bodies blend into each other from one punch to the next.

What’s really great about this video is the way that Frezza’s distortions make it as though Kirk and his opponents from the next scene are being punched, tossed and brutalized into the fight that’s currently happening. They’re either coming flying through the screen or, perhaps, through the space-time continuum. Also, if you happen to watch a lot of old Star Treks, as I have, it’s always interesting to see how different fight scenes were staged back then. There’s a much more judo action and gymnastics, particularly the barrel roll, whether somebody is tossed into that position or he lunges into it voluntarily.

Captain Kirk fights Klingons on the Enterprise on the Star Trek TV series

Fight scenes had more grace back in the day. The trouble is just that they were more blandly filmed, mostly stuck in wide shots with the occasional choreography moving close to the camera. While lots of the action in boldly going is clearly William Shatner doing his own stunts, still you can tell from the far away shots when a stuntman with very different hair, but the same yellow captain’s t-shirt, is filling in.

Not to be undone, either, the original Star Trek always had the best fighting music. That charging, marching beat really gets the heart racing.

So, we all know what Star Trek is, but if you want to learn more about LJ Frezza, you can watch a whole lot more of his videos on Vimeo — many of which feature other media manipulations — and visit his official website.

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