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Short Film: Bobby Visits The Library

[vimeo 36732104]

Oh, this is the library all good little boys dream about visiting! Legendary 16mm mixologist Eric Krasner presents perhaps his most demented classic film mash-up of all time, Bobby Goes to the Library. Two very different types of educational films are pieced together for a trip to the wildest repository of human knowledge ever assembled. And even though children do appear in this film, it’s a good idea to make sure no living ones are around while this is playing.

Man standing in front of a map of the United States

If you get a kick out of the above video, please be sure to check out Mr. Krasner’s vastly entertaining Forbidden Images, a collection of “dirty” censored scenes cut out from old movies.

Plus, while he does have a few more videos on his Vimeo page, it’s really his YouTube collection that’s a major knockout for lovers of cinematic ephemera.

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