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Short Film: Bigfoot

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 17, 2011

[vimeo 30534123]

Strangely enough, the myth of the Sasquatch still looms fairly large in pop culture despite no evidence ever really materializing proving their existence. Winnipeg filmmaker Darryl Nepinak takes a new, light-hearted spin on the mythology with his short mockumentary Bigfoot where hunters and monster-lovers clash in the forest.

“You fear the monster, but you want to protect him at the same time” is a saying I heard a long time ago and good monster myths embrace this philosophy, such as Boris Karloff’s at-times sympathetic portrayal of the Frankenstein monster. Minor spoiler alert, but Bigfoot does make an appearance in Nepinak’s film, played by the filmmaker himself. However, the majority of the film encompasses a wide range of attitudes among those searching for him.

Pretty blonde woman holding a shotgun and a man dressed in camouflage

For the most part, though, those attitudes have nothing to do with the creature. The hunters hope to find some meaning within themselves should they encounter the beast. While a British couple state flat out they are after fame and fortune, all of the other hunters equally express measuring their self-worth by the success of their missions. Meanwhile, those who want to protect the Sasquatch, don’t even know what they’re protecting and are, like the hunters, developing their self-definition simply through the act of protest.

That all said, though, it’s a fun short film. If you want to enjoy more films by Darryl Nepinak, he has a few others posted to Vimeo, as well.

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