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Short Film: Baggs: The Movie

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 7, 2014

Prepare yourself for the best ’80s movie made in the mid-aughts: Jon Clark‘s Baggs: The Movie. Imagine an alternate past in which the hackey sack fad of the ’80s — like many fads of the ’80s like “hot dog” skiing, videogames and police academies– inspired a low budget exploitation feature. Two competing bag superstars duke it out in a competition to find out who’s the “baddest of the bag.” (Uploaded in two parts. Part 1 is above. Part 2 is below.)

Man wearing a crown is surrounded by women in a video arcade

The Underground Film Journal originally reviewed Baggs: The Movie way, way back in 2006 and we immediately fell in love with this incredibly charming flick. What makes Baggs an utter delight is that it is a respectful homage to ’80s teen exploitation films. It’s not a parody. It’s not lampooning the genre. It’s just good natured fun with a totally ridiculously premise. Our favorite bit is the matter-of-fact existence that there could be a magazine dedicated to hackey sacking.

Or maybe our favorite bit is the “living off the fat of the land” musical montage that’s straight out of a terrible Rocky sequel. Or maybe it’s the epic rap song that concludes the film. Or maybe it’s the hilariously obvious fake hackey sacking. As you can tell, there’s lots to fall in love with here.