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Short Experimental Film: Dew

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 1, 2013

Look closely. Experimental filmmaker Robert Todd arranges a collection of gorgeous natural images for his short film Dew. That title refers to the amazing details, such as the morning condensation, to be seen in the intense close-ups of flowers, leaves and other horticultural wonders all shot, according to Todd, on a “single roll following the rising of the sun.”

Close up of a purple flower

Dew pulls the viewer into a tranquil state first through a blurry, off-focus leaf nearly completely blocking our vision of the complex plant life behind it that dissolves into that image’s opposite: A highly in-focus flower positioned off-center against an out-of-focus background. After these two slightly disorienting shots, viewers continue to find their visual footing as Todd mixes an interweaving of hyper-detailed images of flowers and leaves with indistinguishable pictures of the same, all of which blow vigorously in the breeze. The effect is hypnotically peaceful.

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