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Short Experimental Film: America In Pictures

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 2, 2012

Take a trip across a fractured and chaotic American landscape in Georg Koszulinski‘s America in Pictures. From celebrating the inhabitants of the natural landscape to our post-industrial culture, the film presents a corrupted American vision through celluloid degradation techniques and buries familiar icons in a frenzy of layered images.

Koszulinski has long made films that have confounded traditional concepts of the American landscape in feature experimental documentaries like Cracker Crazy: Invisible Histories of the Sunshine State and A Highway Called 301. Yet, America in Pictures is one of his short films that does so by directly manipulating the actual film medium. Some of the film was made even without the use of a camera, as the filmmaker states:

AIP examines American landscapes both real and imagined, using found footage, original 16mm cinematography and images produced using light exposure techniques without the aid of a camera.

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