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Shocking! Perverse! Obscene!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 4, 2010

Witness the most degenerate scenes of moral turpitude ever collected in one downright filthy, dirty, exploitative compendium of depravity. Found sealed up in rusty canisters rotting away in a dusty old theater in Pennsylvania, these 35mm film clips have been spliced together by film historian Eric Krasner as a perverted lesson in how shameful our cinematic history has been. Witness the indecency of Forbidden Images, embedded above.

On the one hand, Krasner claims these scenes were clipped by some prudish projectionist who wished to protect audiences from witnessing such indecency. On the other hand, just by looking at the selection of clips, it almost seems as though they could have been clipped by some dude who had an ankle and brassiere fetish. Either way, it’s amusing to see what was considered erotic way back in the day.

Still from old silent movie of a woman sitting in bed

I was only recently introduced by Krasner’s work, which he produces under the CineGraphic Studios label. He’s uploaded tons of great old films to both YouTube and Vimeo. Some films Krasner manipulates, such as this one, others he posts as is; and he also makes his own short films. I, of course, opted to go with the “dirty” video for the first one of his to embed. I hope to have more in the future.

As a bonus, I’m also posting one of Krasner’s original short films below. It’s a fake ad for the new Binge & Purge Barbie, who I think makes a great role model for young girls everywhere: