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Searching For The Zombie Jesus

This is sort of an unusual request for this site. I received an email the other day from a reader asking if I had heard of a certain film, one about Jesus who comes back from the dead as a flesh eating member of the living dead. The reason this person wrote to me is because they thought maybe the film was the awesome Zombie Christ, put out by Alarming Press, which I admirably reviewed here.

However, the brief description the reader gave me of the film they’re looking for didn’t sound anything like Zombie Christ, which takes place during Biblical times, while this other film sounds like it takes place during modern times. Now, this reader starred as an extra in the film they’re looking for, so they’re very anxious to see the film they were in.

Below is the description of the film being searched for. I am asking if any of my regular readers, or anybody who stumbles across this post, if they know what this movie is. If you’ve heard of it, or if you’ve made it, please either contact me or leave a comment. Thanks! Here’s the description:

About 8 years ago I was an extra in a movie about Christ coming back as a zombie. It was filmed in Bellingham, WA and Seattle, and probably other places around there, too. I was one of a bunch of orphans. We did stuff like get baptized in a toilet and loaf around looking dirty and tough, and smashed a car with sledgehammers.

And, from that description, this sounds like a film I’d like to see myself as well. Shoot, now I want to know what the heck this is!

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