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Save Astria!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 24, 2007

Colorful portrait of curator Astria Suparak

Astria Suparak is a phenomenal film and art curator. I caught a couple of her exhibits at past New York Underground Film Festivals, but for the past year she’s been the Director of the Warehouse Gallery in Syracuse, NY. I was actually gearing up to write a post on her current exhibit “Come On: Desire Under the Female Gaze” and a special screening next month.

However, today I just learned that Astria is being forced out of her post. Not much reason has been given about her letting go, but apparently it seems extremely abrupt. She’ll be out of her job at the end of the month. A lot of grassroots Syracuse support to re-instate Astria has popped up, so if you want to learn more and maybe do something to help I’ll just direct you to two websites devoted to the cause: Keep Astria! and Syracuse Loses Again. Currently there’s no info on Astria’s official site, but check that out, too.