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Rooftop Films: Labor Day Weekend

Here’s the way New Yorkers are getting their Labor Day holiday weekend right: At Rooftop Films, the outdoor Summertime film festival!

Friday, Sep. 1:
8:30 p.m.: “Mammals in Peril: Delightful Films About Death.” What better way to honor our working lives than meditating on what happens when we die. Including the shorts Derf, Paul and the Badger, Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist and Dead People. Preceded by the audio collages of Sio Mosaic. Screening on the lawn of Automotive High School, 50 Beford Ave., b/w N. 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Saturday, Sep. 2:
7:00 p.m.: “Circus Shorts: Clowns and Roller Coasters.” Thirteen short films about the excitement and terror of circuses and amusement parks. (Not to single any one out, but Not Just an Ugly Face by Raj Yagnik about the art of “gurning,” i.e. making extremely ugly faces, sounds fascinating.) Preceded by a live performance by the NY Clown Theater Festival. Screening on the lawn of Open Road Park, E. 12th St. b/w 1st Ave. & Ave. A. (P.S. This is the substitue program that was cancelled due to inclement weather back on July 21st.)

As always, for more info, please visit the official Rooftop Films website, which will continue to run through Sept. 22nd this season. The Underground Film Journal will keep you posted!