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Remix: She Loves To Wiggle The Whole Thing!

Nothing you do in your life ever will give you as much orgiastic joy as painting craft projects with a rainbow sponge does for this woman. She is, by far, the most enthusiastic host of any video ever made. Compared to how exuberantly excited she gets by wiping paint across a piece of paper with a sponge, all other TV/video hosts are just phoning it in. It’s the wiggles, man! The wiggles!

This video, cut up by someone calling himself Operator Overload, is a little bit different than the type of videos I post on the Underground Film Journal. But, I thought the found footage and remix crews who visit the site would get a big kick out of this one.

But, what really gets me, other than the hysterical performance, are all the insane questions it raises:

1. Who exactly is asking for Rainbow Sponge painting infomercials?

2. The Army actually has an Arts & Crafts department?

3. And, if they do, why would they send this woman to Korea?

4. Where can I get my hands on some sponges and paint, because I want to have exactly the same kind of giddy fun that she has.

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