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Red Hook Cine Soiree: Underground In Brooklyn

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 26, 2008

This screening event at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artistic Coalition (BWAC), curated by Joel Schlemowitz, first caught my eye when I spotted it over at filmmaker Jennifer MacMillan‘s Invisible Cinema blog. (Actually, she was in another screening event the other day, but I spaced out on noting that.) I can’t guarantee that MacMillan’s short film Faces in the Flowers, which is embedded above, will be included in this screening, but I like the film enough to post it up.

The “Red Hook Cine Soiree” is being held at BWAC at 2 p.m. tomorrow July 27. As for what you can expect, I’m just going to reprint Schlemowitz’s event listing, which lists all the filmmakers included in the screening and the connecting theme of the show:

“A salon of experimental and underground films from cine-artists Jimmy Kinder, zaza m., Caryn Cline, Fabio Roberti (Directart Productions Ltd.), Kelly Fancher, Jennifer MacMillan, Bradley Eros, Sheri Wills, Jennifer Matotek, Seth Mitter, Florens Fanciulli, and Donna Cameron.

A summer afternoon and short works of avant-garde cinema? Our agenda is to program our soiree attuned to the enchantment of the season of Mid-Summer Nights’ Dreams, to indulge ourselves in the hazy and lazy segment of the calendar, to enlighten ourselves lightly and sprightly, to work Puckish mischief on the screen, to take respite from the oppressive sun in the magic lantern parlor by the sea.

Expect red wine and soft cheese, possibly sangria, and 1920s foxtrots on the Victrola!” – Joel Schlemowitz

Except for Jennifer, I’m not really familiar with the other filmmakers, but it sounds like a good time.

Regarding the embedded video above, I watched Faces in the Flowers last month when MacMillan first posted it up. It’s an hypnotically entrancing short and my favorite parts are the abstract swirling of the flowers set to the droning soundtrack by Spectre Folk, which has a very calming effect. The faces of the children pop out in intervals just enough to snap you out of your reverie.

Especially after a week of exploding anuses, John Wayne castrations and apocalyptic nightmares, this seemed like the perfect time to post up something nice.

Screening info one last time:

July 27
2 p.m.:
“Red Hook Cine Soiree,” curated by Joel Schlemowitz
Brooklyn Waterfront Artistic Coalition (BWAC)
499 Van Brunt Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn

UPDATE: (for anybody who finds this) CuratorĀ Joel Schlemowitz recounts how the screening went down. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

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