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Rebecca Conroy: New Music Video

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 26, 2008

Rebecca Conroy, whose work we always dig and are always proud to promote, has a new music video that she directed that is available for your viewing pleasure. It’s the video for the band This Frontier Needs Heroes and their song “Marxists & Marigolds.”

Man and a woman rowing a canoe down an icy river

Now, we’re always nervous when a filmmaker we like says they did a music video because we’re kinda picky about what music we like. And if we don’t like the song, we’re afraid we’ll be biased against the video. No worries here, though. I’m not familiar with This Frontier Needs Heroes, but this song reminds us of later Dinosaur Jr. circa the time J. Mascis did the soundtrack to Allison Anders’ Gas Food Lodging, which we haven’t seen in a real long time, but used to be one of our favorites. Which is appropriate because the two filmmakers share a certain low-key vibe that we enjoy. The video features band members Jessica and Brad Lauretti on an icy cold canoe ride seems to fit the vibe of the song perfectly.

And in addition to being a filmmaker, Rebecca is also a collage artist who now has her artwork on permanent display at the Werkstatte Gallery on Great Jones St. in NYC. If you live in the city, you can go see them in person, but if you don’t (like us) you can view some of her art online here.

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