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Read A Sample Of Altamont Now: The Screenplay!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 19, 2011

Book cover featuring armed militants silhouetted at sunset

Below, please check out the first 7 pages of the screenplay of Altamont Now, co-written by director Joshua Brown and playwright David Bucci. (Embedding  courtesy of the book sharing site Scribd.)

Altamont Now: The Screenplay is the first publication by the newly imprinted Underground Film Press, which is publishing the shooting scripts to great underground and independent movies. The film version of Altamont Now can be seen via Amazon, Netflix and iTunes. If you love the screenplay sample, see the movie, then buy the full version of the script!

The script sample below includes a character list and note on the dialogue, then the first 7 pages of the screenplay that introduces the characters of Mark Clark, a documentary filmmaker tracking down the infamous “Cult of the Kids,” and one of the cult’s main members, Karen Kennedy, a former child sitcom star.

Plus, there’s the electrifying introduction to the film’s main character, wannabe cult leader and punk rock poster boy Richard Havoc, via one of the movie’s awesome musical bits.

The countdown to the Rockalypse begins here:

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