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Raw, Raucous and Sublime: 33 Years Of Vanessa Renwick

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 18, 2013

Lit up sign of the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon

April 25 & 26
7:30 p.m. (both nights)
Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97212

Hosted by: Oregon Movies, A to Z

Portland, Oregon filmmaker Vanessa Renwick has had such a prolific 33-year career that it’s going to take two nights to contain this slam-bang retrospective. The lineups for both nights are below. Plus, on the night of the 25th, there will be a Q&A session with Renwick conducted by Richard Herskowitz; while the 26th‘s Q&A will be conducted by Mack McFarland.

The screenings also coincide with the release of N S E W: All Over the Map, a DVD compilation Renwick’s short films that will be available from the Oregon Department of Kick Ass in May.

While Renwick’s work is holistically tied in to the vibe of the Pacific Northwest, it transcends its specific location to achieve a connection with an otherworldly otherness, a space where outsider notions of art and spirituality are the norm. This is felt in films such as The Yodeling Lesson where a woman expresses her feelings of overwhelming freedom while riding a bike across a rainy, green, but slightly urban landscape; Richart, an intimate portrait of obsessive artist Richard Tracy; and the found footage film Britton, South Dakota where the residents of the titular town exist in a haunting, ethereal space.

Renwick previously had some of her work released on the split-DVD Nomads and No-Zones that she shared with Greta Snider.

The lineup for both nights of “Raw, Raucous and Sublime: 33 Years Of Vanessa Renwick” are below:

April 25

Britton, South Dakota
Toxic Shock
Food Is a Weapon
The Yodeling Lesson
Satan’s Holiday
Portrait #2: Trojan

April 26

Westward Ho
Mighty Tacoma
Satan’s Holiday
Red Stallion’s Revenge
Portland Meadows
9 Is a Secret
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal
Portrait #2: Trojan
Portrait #3: House of Sound