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Portland Underground Film Festival Theater Flooded

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 11, 2006

In case you hadn’t heard, the Pacific Northwest was completely hammered by storms last week. I saw video on TV of one home being washed away down a river.

Another, less severe, vicitim of the intense rain and flooding was the historic Clinton Street Theater, which annually holds the Portland Underground Film Festival. The 2006 PUFF was held back in June. Anyway, the theater has suffered $100k in water damage due to “a bad runoff spout dumping more than 200 gal. of water into the theater,” according to Metroblogging. Then, a bunch of scumbags took advantage of the chaos, broke in and robbed and ransacked the place.

As far as I can tell, the theater is still currently open, but why don’t all Portland-ites go down and help them out by seeing a great film? Right now they’re featuring 13 Tzameti, which I raved about in my review here, but they’re having a ton of upcoming special events including the 4th Annual Thanksgiving Kung Fu Marathon and — if I lived in Portland I would be so there for this — Three Nights With Crispin Hellion Glover and his rarely screened bizarro flick What Is It?.

I will also take this opportunity to mention that PUFF is open for submissions for their 2007 festival, which will be held next June 7-10th. You can find submission guidelines and more info at the PUFF site.