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Short Film: Poco Wants To Go

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 13, 2009

Embedded above is the enigmatic short film Poco Wants to Go directed by the enigmatically named Mr. Young. (I know his first name, but I’m not telling.)

It’s a simple film, but an appealing one. One designed really just to make you stop and go “What the…?” Couple things to really like about it: 1) Blood without any context of where it came from is always intriguing. 2) The soundtrack starts with a My Bloody Valentine-esque repetitive drone, then turns into a heavy metal-esque ballad that’s jarring yet gets groovier as the film goes on. 3) The title indicates that Poco “wants” to do something, but in the film she obviously “is” doing that thing.

And I insist on staying through the end credits, which are brief and there’s more Poco after that.

Mr. Young previously directed the documentary East 3, reviewed on the Underground Film Journal, which painted a portrait of the town of Inuvik, a town that lies 2 degrees of the Arctic Circle. A chilly place indeed.