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PISS in Your Shorts

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 17, 2006

After New York and L.A., I think the city with the most film festivals has to be Portland. First there was the PDX Film Fest, then the Portland Underground Film Festival starts on June 8th and now the Portland International Short Short Film Festival (PISS Fest!) has just announced they are looking for submissions for the festival, which I think will be in the fall.

I don’t know if this is quite an “underground” style of festival, but between the fest acronym, which they display proudly, and their mission statement I figured I’d post their info up. Excerpt from the mission statement:

PISS Fest! celebrates the brevity longed for by Attention Deficit Disorder sufferers by showcasing the best films that clock in at 10 minutes or less. Yes, running time is the only common theme. If you find other hidden messages or themes in the selection process, the CIA needs you.

More info and online entry form at the PISS Fest! official site.