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Short Film: People In Order

Directed by Lenka Clayton and James Price, People In Order is a cute little film. I first found it while looking up the shorts that played at this year’s PDX Film Festival, which was held in Portland, Oregon back in April and May. But it’s been posted online via something called the Portable Film Festival, an Australian outfit that hosts video online for people to view and download. They also put some of their films up on YouTube, which is where I found this video.

The film isn’t really typical of the short films I normally post up, but I was just in the mood to put up something nice today and this is a little charmer. And to clue you in on just how dense I can be most of the time, I didn’t read the description of the film that was on the YouTube page before I started watching and it took me probably up until the 20s before I figured out what the connection was.

This video has also been online for quite awhile (almost a year) and has gotten way over half a million views. That’s not quite the kind of “underground” video I promote here, either, but there’s something about this short that’s irresistible.

I also haven’t watched any of the other Portable Film Festival videos, but I like the concept.

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