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Heavy Metal Parking Lot Anniversary

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 1, 2006

Metallic logo that reads Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of when Jeff Krulik and John Heyn visited the Capital Centre in Washington, DC and interviewed fans hanging out before a Judas Priest concert. What they captured is one of the greatest films in underground film history: Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

Metroblogging DC marked the occasion with an excellent, in-depth interview with Jeff and John, who went on to spawn a mini-franchise of “parking lot” films that include Harry Potter, Neil Diamond and a TV show on the Trio cable network.

If you haven’t seen it, Heavy Metal Parking Lot is one of the greatest music films of all time and it’s now available in a special edition DVD with over three hours of bonus features, including directors’ commentary, sequels & outtakes and more.

And visit the official website for HMPL.