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Other Cinema: Culture Jamming

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The legendary and long-running San Franciso screening series, Other Cinema, is featuring the first of a two-weekend culture jamming fiesta this November, as well as several nights of social shock and outrage. If this is the month to be thankful, please give thanks that these visionaries are out there creating a new world disorder. As always, all screenings are on Saturday nights and start at 8:30 at the Artists Television Access center. Here’s the details:

Nov. 3: The future is prelude with these science-fiction-y glimpses of wonder. Tonight’s films and events include:
1) Tesla: Tripping the Light Electric, dir. Lance Acord. A half-hour exploration of Nikola Tesla’s infamous Colorado Springs coil experiments.
2) Learn all about blimps from David Cox with his lighter than air multi-media showcase including 16mm film, video, PowerPoint and “floating screens.” Floating screens?
3) Jefree Anderson presents a thrilling lecture-demo on all the lastest UFO upates.
4) Chicken John Rinaldi, the 2007 S.F. mayoral candidate, will stop by with his amazing carbon-negative truck that runs on coffee grounds and sports a lush flower garden.
5) A Discoid Body in the Sky — anime.
6) Catch a sneak peek of Craig Baldwin‘s latest opus, Mock Up on Mu.
7) And more!
8) And goddamn that’s a lot of cool stuff to pack into one night!

Nov. 10: Book-swapping time! Bring in your old books and take home some “new” old ones. Plus, of course, movies and presentations:
1) Rick and Megan Shaw Prelinger present their performative essay on grassroot efforts in collecting and conserving, which includes photos, smart text-graphics, and an intricate double-helix spoken-word duet.
2) Stephen Parr shares clips from the Home Movie Day album.
3) Dear Bill Gates, dir. Sarah J. Christman, which also played at the PDX and Hi/Lo film festivals this year.
4) Mondo Intro, dir. Scott Calonico.
5) An excerpt from the Prelingers’ Panorama Ephemera, re-tracked by Gino Robair.

Nov. 17: Get right to The Source! That’s the title of a new book looking back at the progressive countercultural group based in Los Angeles that followed the teachings of the infamous Father Yod back in the ’60s and the ’70s. The tome is written by Isis and Electricity Aquarian, edited by Jodi Wille and published by Process Media and all will be on-hand for this multi-media mind trip featuring hundreds of slides of “the family,” plus film clips, musical selections from Yod’s band Ya Ho Wa 13. Plus, author Erik Davis, who penned the book’s intro, will also be intro-ing the evening with some prefatory remarks.

Nov. 24: Tim Jackson pays homage to all that is great about cultural subversion, i.e. jamming, with his ode to the antics of Guerrilla Girls, the Billboard Liberation Front, the Bread & Puppet Theater, Rev. Billy, artist Ron English and the Surveillance Camera Players. Plus, reality-hacking fun with Bryan Boyce, the Yes Men and the Institute for Applied Autonomy. Even better: Free toast and jam for the eating!