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Other Cinema: Animal Charm

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 5, 2009

People sitting in a microcinema theater

Dec. 5
8:30 p.m.
ATA Gallery
992 Valencia (@ 21st)
San Francisco, CA

Hosted by: Other Cinema

Animal Charm, the bad boys of remixed corporate video, present a mix of some of their personal favorite videos from other mash-up artists like Damon Packard and TV Sheriff, as well as their own destructive blend of reconstructed video. Rich Bott and Jim Fetterley are the duo responsible for this absurdist trek through the dregs of the video cesspool.

Plus, this evening, Anne McGuire and Wobbly will perform a bit of “retro-electro eclecticism;” and there will be projections of 3-D Carnivorous Plants and Scopitones, the early film precursor to the music video.

Animal Charm have a DVD called Golden Digest available from Other Cinema DVD and are featured on Mike Plante’s Cinemad Almanac 2009 DVD.

Watch Edge TV With Animal Charm: